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Tapete Sueco Vintage por Martha Ghan BB6948

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Rarely one can come across a weaving as beautiful and intriguing as this vintage Swedish rug by Marta Ghan. Made in the mid-20th century, the rug stands for the values that Scandinavian design represents – it is simple, functional, beautiful and inspired by nature. However, its appearance is far from boring. The most striking feature that immediately catches the eye is the omnipresent amaranthine – this saturated color makes the otherwise uncomplicated design become a statement piece. Geometric and animal motifs beautifully harmonize, creating a composition both whimsical and elegant. Touches of beige, carmine, light brown, blue and green complement the whole.

One can notice at first glance that the vintage Swedish rug comes from the hands of a master. Its body was carefully hand-knotted of the finest wool in accordance with traditional techniques. Due to thorough making, it has survived until this day in excellent condition. Provided minimum amount of care, the Swedish rug will serve its owners for generations bearing no signs of wear.

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Item No .: BB6948 Cerca de: 1945 Tamanho: 10'6 "× 14'10" (320 × 452 cm)
Cor: Azul, verde, vermelho, amarelo Estilo: escandinavo Origem: Tapetes Europeus, Tapetes Suecos