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Dhurrie indiano do vintage Runner BB6285

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Dhurries are unique and important thick, flat-woven textiles that in India have a variety of purposes depending on their size, pattern and material. Although the concept of a dhurrie is different from that of a tapete da área do vintage, they are counted among the category of tapetes indianos dhurrie since most frequently they serve the same function – as floor coverings. The elegant corredor de tapete vermelho before your eyes is a perfect example of why dhurries are so praised within Indian culture.

This flat-weave is masterly hand-knotted of the finest materials in accordance with a traditional weaving technique by a skilled artisan. Such thorough execution results in the creamy, dense texture that is impenetrable to Silverfish and other insects responsible for destroying antigos tapetes orientais which makes the dhurrie durable and low-maintenance. Its long borderless field is covered with a repetitive pattern of stripes and stylized banners finished with delicate diamond motifs.

This elegant, abstract design is complemented with the intriguing color palette composed of pastel shades of taupe, orange and ivory. The dhurrie area rug runner is distinguished by its exceptionally large dimension which makes it perfect for long staircases, halls or corridors. Due to its practicality and versatility, it will easily fit into all kinds of contemporary abodes, filling them with the warmth of Indian sun.

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Item No .: BB6285 Cerca de: 1940 Tamanho: 4'3 "× 31'9" (129 × 967 cm)
Cor: Castanho Estilo: Casual, Geométrico Origem: Tapetes indianos