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Chinês Deco Tapete BB6459


Soft, cushy, luminous and absolutely chic, this tapete da área do vintage fully exhibits the magnificence of Chinese Deco. Its design impresses with refinement and high artistry set on the ideals of classic Art Deco yet with subtle references hinting on the Far Asian origins. The vast borderless field bears spare geometric motifs, seemingly scattered but in fact perfectly arranged in order to please the eye.

There are waves relating to oriental symbols of running water, three-dimensional cubes, and circles which look like Chinese symbols of yin and yang emphasizing duality of life. What adds a distinct palatial feel and completes the composition is the expertly composed color palette, based on a royal burgundy shade setting the stage for jewel-like indigo, ivory and beige.

The masterful hand-execution of the finest wool in traditional techniques not only provides the shine of the fibers but also ensures the rugs durability – although created in the mid-20th century, the floor covering is in impeccable condition. If properly maintained, this Tapete art deco chinês will serve its owners for generations, just as it has for decades until present. Minimalistic yet strikingly beautiful, the vintage antique tapete will certainly never go unnoticed in any space, bringing in sublimity and timeless elegance.

Fora de estoque

Item No .: BB6459 Cerca de: 1955 Tamanho: 8'10 "× 11'4" (269 × 345 cm)
Cor: Roxa Estilo: Resumo, geométrica