Contemporary Flat Weave Rug by Jeffrey Bilhuber
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Tapete liso contemporâneo de tecelagem by Jeffrey Bilhuber N11426

Preço: $12,000

If twenty-five years of experience taught Jeffreu Bilhuber something, it is that sometimes the simplest the form the better. With this tapete moderno, Bilhuber decided to combine simplicity with richness of color. Using a pied-de-poule consisting of broken checks, he created a very balanced composition, which benefits from the pattern’s simplicity.

The details are located closely by, giving the impression of abundance. Two thick stripes limiting the pattern on the top and bottom help anchor the whole design in one place. Although normally pied-de-poule is dyed black, Bilhuber took a risk and chose a golden dye. With that, he hit the aesthetic bull’s-eye! The color is of a wonderful creamy shade – a real feast for the eyes. The designer de parede a parede tapete was made using a flat weave, which is not only very durable, but also easy to maintain. Once again, the designer was able to fuse together effortless chic and practical approach.

By virtue of their placement in a room and their intrinsic, multi-sensory beauty, carpets and beautiful rugs play a pivotal role in pulling together the strands of that narrative. Whether buttoned-down or whimsical, neutral or bold, staid or humorous, carpets and rugs can set the tone or provide the twist around which the entire room coalesces. Carpets capture and reflect the soul of a room.

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Item No .: N11426 Tamanho: 9'7 "× 14'4" (292 × 436 cm)
Cor: Bege Construção: Weave plana