Moroccan Rug

Marroquino Tapete N11981

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Although presently made, this new rug embodies the greatest features of the centuries-old Moroccan weaving craft. It is modeled on Beni Ourains – iconic shaggy beauties originally woven by nomadic tribes wandering the area of the Rif mountains near Taza, distinguished by very characteristic design. The most typical Beni Ourain rug has an ivory or whitish background and black or brown lines that create a diamond-shaped grid pattern; a diamond in the Oriental rug language is a protective motif guarding against the Evil Eye.

The new carpet before your eyes fits into the most classic canon of Beni Ourains, except for its dimensions that are more similar to the ones of a runner. Its off-white field bears a traditional diamond pattern. It is worth mentioning that the minute ‘imperfections’ of the design are intentional – they are connected to tribal beliefs that nothing in the earthly life can be perfect and aim at expressing humility towards the force majeure. The new rug is finished with tassels at the longer edges which further emphasizes its homely character.

O tapete contemporâneo foi feito em completa conformidade com o artesanato tradicional. Sua pilha confortável foi cuidadosamente atada à mão de lã de primeira qualidade por um artesão habilidoso. Devido a essa execução, o tapete é durável, resiliente e único. Sob a condição de manutenção adequada, ela servirá a seus proprietários por gerações sem qualquer sinal de desgaste, trazendo seu calor e uma pitada de magia oriental.

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Item No .: N11981 Tamanho: 6'0 "× 13'4" (182 × 406 cm)
Cor: Bege, marrom Estilo: marroquinos Tapetes