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Indiana dhurrie N11726


There are two things that Indian Dhurrie tapetes de lã modernos are best known for – their grandiose size and fabulous patterns. As they serve not only as decorations, but also as furniture and meeting places, tapetes dhurrie have a special place in Indian culture. While it is true that this type of carpets is usually huge, the materials and weaving techniques used make it surprisingly light and easy to move. This particular piece was hand woven using high quality cotton, making it especially durable. What immediately draws the eye is its stunning design, as the rug’s surface is filled with an all over pattern of Moroccan clover. The color palette is composed of only two shades, deep Indian indigo and brilliant white, but the way both of them work together creates a truly unforgettable mix.

Fora de estoque

Item No .: N11726 Tamanho: 10'3 "× 13'10" (312 × 421 cm)
Cor: Blue, Yellow Estilo: Casual