Contemporary Fur Rug

Tapete de pele contemporâneo N12017

Preço: $40,000

Just one look at this contemporary shearling fur rug in enough to learn that true beauty lies in simplicity. This exquisite carpet combines centuries-old weaving techniques and modern trends. Due to such a mix, it is ideally tailored to the needs of present-day consumers.

The off-white rug has a long and shaggy pile that pampers the senses with softness and luster. Although there is no figurative pattern, the high&low shearling fur pile with leather accent stripes makes a stunning impression. The rectilinear character of the design will bring order into your space , while the neutral and balanced color palette is ready to illuminate it. This contemporary rug is fully equipped to satisfy your design fancy in every aspect, from aesthetics to quality.

In terms of workmanship, this modern rug is second to none. Carefully hand-made of the finest, softest shearling fur, it is a masterpiece of contemporary weaving craft, Under proper maintenance, the carpet will serve you many years without any signs of wear.

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Item No .: N12017 Tamanho: 12'0 "× 15'0" (365 × 457 cm)
Cor: Marrom branco Estilo: Tapetes modernos