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Tapete liso feito sob encomenda do Weave N11728

Preço: $10,000

Nowadays designers and weavers try their best to create truly unforgettable rugs. There are many different ways to achieve this – from bold colorings to rich patterns, they try everything, but sometimes it might be best to come back to the roots. Simplicity will never be unfashionable and this stunning tapete moderno da escada proves it with ease. Hand woven from the highest quality wool it dazzles with effortless chic which so many other tapetes de área de tecelagem plana try to achieve. The pattern itself consists of vertical and horizontal lines juxtaposed in neat rows. Only a genius could create something so brilliant using the simplest of forms known to humans. The color palette is equally minimalistic – classic black and white work together perfectly, resulting in a truly enticing composition.

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Item No .: N11728 Tamanho: 9'0 "× 10'3" (274 × 312 cm)
Cor: Preto, Branco Estilo: Listra Construção: Weave plana