Sueco Projeto Plano Weave Rug
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Sueco Projeto Plano Weave Rug N11774


This stunning flat weave tapete de área immediately catches attention with its mesmerizing design and wonderful color palette. Hand woven using high quality wool, the carpete sueco has everything an aficionado of traditional Swedish art could want. The pattern depicts a puzzle-like composition with small zigzagged shapes placed symmetrically. This wonderful composition, while drawing inspiration from classic solutions, is thoroughly modern, making it a great addition to almost any type of interior. The colors picked for the tapete cinza moderno are mostly subdued pastels and deep darks, which work together in a perfect harmony.

Fora de estoque

Item No .: N11774 Tamanho: 7'3 "× 11'5" (220 × 347 cm)
Cor: Bege Estilo: Resumo, negrito, escandinavo