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Tecelagem plana sueco Rug N11239

Preço: $6,500

This Swedish tapete moderno da escada is characterized by a modern look with a charming traditional hint. The rug’s woolen pile was dyed warm brown with lighter undertones, especially visible on its bottom. The design is simplistic yet elegant – long, eggshell colored strips run down the carpet’s length, crossed by stratified black lines, creating a few rows of rectangles. Such usage of geometric figures is characteristic for geometric design carpets and loved by their aficionados. Made with flat weave technique, this rug is light and durable – perfect for those who love the change. Its homely aura, similar to the one found in comfortable mountain lodges scattered across Sweden, will charm even those who are the most demanding. It invites you to curl on it and look at the fireplace, while cold winds howl outside.

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Item No .: N11239 Tamanho: 6'1 "× 10'4" (185 × 314 cm)
Cor: Castanho Estilo: Geométrica, escandinava Construção: Weave plana