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Tapete liso contemporâneo de tecido N11928

Preço: $16,000

This contemporary rug represents an extremely successful marriage of a cutting-edge design and a simple construction of a flat weave. Its face carries an allover lattice that due to proper application of color and great skills of the artisan looks three-dimensional. The optical illusion is so vivid that it has a potential to become the centerpiece of a décor, making a statement and bringing in geometric order. At the same time, the calm color palette of beiges, grays and browns is versatile and elegant, ready to complement a wide array of arrangements.

Not only the pattern but also the execution of this modern flat weave is absolutely top notch. It was carefully woven by hand in accordance with traditional techniques to ensure its uniqueness and durability. If properly cared for, this contemporary rug will withstand years of usage without any signs of wear.

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Item No .: N11928 Tamanho: 11'2 "× 14'1" (340 × 429 cm)
Cor: Bege, marrom, cinza Estilo: Tapetes modernos Construção: Weave plana