Tapete de tecelagem Kilim Flat.
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Tapete de tecelagem Kilim Flat. N11691

Preço: $19,000

The utterly minimalistic tapete liso before your eyes shows how much decorating potential lies in the combination of the ancient craft with contemporary aesthetics. This kind of floor covering falls into the category of solid tapetes da área moderna de meados do século that concentrate on versatility, quality and texture rather than ornaments. The vast, borderless field bears no pattern, there is nothing but the sharp and extremely elegant steel gray hue that occupies the entire body of the rug.

Cool yet tasteful and sublime in terms of the overall vibe, the flat-weave will constitute a perfect space organizer in any kind of décor, from classic to state-of-the-art. Although presently executed, the modern kilim is made in complete accordance with traditional techniques which involve thorough hand-weaving of the finest wool by a skilled artisan. Due to such diligence put into its creation, the flat weave is distinguished by firm structure and extraordinary durability. If properly maintained it has a chance to serve its owners for many years without the slightest signs of wear or blemish.

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Item No .: N11691 Tamanho: 13'0 "× 16'10" (396 × 513 cm)
Estilo: Sólido Construção: Weave plana