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Deco chinês Vintage Rug BB5436

Preço: $20,000

Featuring pastel tones and a central motif of strips inversely reflected with respect to the longitudinal axis, this vintage Chinese deco rug dates its origin back to 1930, a time when Western influence was starting to make its mark on Chinese rug design.

Cloud band motifs of varying size, shape and color somehow drive the observer to seek out a pattern where it would seem none can be discerned. Or can it? Don’t some of the cloud bands look similar to their inversely reflected counterparts on the other side? Therein lies a beauty of a disorderly aesthetic order, further accentuated by mismatching patches of color at the bottom left and top right, and misshapen, almost haphazard, triangles, with both elements inversely reflected yet again.

Woven according to traditional techniques and with the use of high-quality, natural materials, this pile rug is truly a work of art. It can be the centerpiece of any room, where the geometric transformations it contains will capture the attention of all and sundry.

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Item No .: BB5436 Cerca de: 1930 Tamanho: 7'10 "× 9'8" (238 × 294 cm)
Cor: Marrom verde Estilo: Abstrato, Negrito, Botânico, Casual Origem: Tapetes chineses