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Tapete Circular Vintage Deco BB2488

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A second quarter 20th century Art Tapetes europeus art déco, the cream field with circular polychrome checked ring framed by a solid thin dusty rose stripe.

Art Deco owes its name to the first major exhibition of decorative arts to be held after the First World War: L’Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes held in Paris in 1925. The supreme elegance of the custom made interiors at the event set an example for interior designers the world over. Inspired by these innovative aesthetic ideas, artists, designers, craftsmen and manufacturers from across Europe and America produced a wide range of modern pioneering patterns that delivered a dramatic change of style to furnishings in general, and early 20th century vintage rugs and carpets in particular. Decorative arts of this period, sometimes known as the Machine Age, are characterized by a streamlined appearance. Art Deco antique rugs and tapetes tecidos de meados dos 1920s através dos 1930s refletem esse estilo.

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Item No .: BB2488 Cerca de: 1930 Tamanho: 6'3 "× 6'3" (190 × 190 cm)
Estilo: Art Deco, Geométrico Origem: Tapetes europeus Shape: Círculo