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Francês Vintage Rug Deco por DIM BB4794

Preço: $40,000

Of the art deco rugs in the Doris Leslie Blau collection, this particular example has a wonderfully expressive overall curvilinear pattern that gives this tapete do vintage a great vitality despite its simple brown and beige color palette.

"Vintage" é um termo onipresente frequentemente aplicado no mundo dos tapetes e tapetes. Tapetes vintage são muitas vezes confundidos com antigos tapetes orientais. A diferença entre os dois é muitas vezes ambígua. Apenas o que é vintage e o que é antigo? Para esclarecer este dilema, tapetes vintage e Tapetes europeus art déco are defined by the time they were designed and crafted; they’re generally made after 1920. On the other hand, antique carpets come from a time before then, so, generally, they were made more than 80 years ago. Age is a primary distinguishing factor, but even this a fluid one. The dividing line changes as time goes by. For example, a vintage rug will someday be an antique. Vintage carpets and rugs are often linked to the origins of Modernism, so they can be more accurately placed in this category, given the association with the cultural, philosophical, and artistic elements of this movement.

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Item No .: BB4794 Cerca de: 1920 Tamanho: 7'10 "× 11'2" (238 × 340 cm)
Estilo: Abstrato, Art Deco, Casual Origem: Tapetes Europeus, Tapetes Franceses