Vintage William Morris style Carpet
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Vintage William Morris style Carpet BB0234

Preço: $13,000

A second quarter 20th century English carpet in the style of William Morris in the famous tulip design on a greenish-blue field and border and stylized flowers in yellows, beiges, greens, and pinks.

Embora desenvolvido no início do século 20, Arts and Crafts carpets são absolutamente aplicáveis ​​em interiores contemporâneos. Pode ser atribuído aos seus designs equilibrados e de bom gosto, que têm o poder de transcender o tempo e as modas em constante mudança. É por isso que artes e ofícios tapete da área do vintage é uma escolha ideal para um arranjo interior atual.

The floral, meandering yet not overcomplicated patterns merged with soothing and toned color palettes create a serene combination, irresistible to all lovers of timeless beauty.An arts and crafts tapete antigo may be matched with a wide variety of décors, from classic, like Victorian, Modern Farmhouse, Hollywood Regency or Neoclassical, through minimalistic, including Vintage Scandinavian or Cali-Cool, to futuristic and miscellaneous, such as Mid-Century Modern or Shabby Chic. Most of Arts and Crafts beautiful rugs are permeated with magic and mystery of Celtic references.

Born in England but based on ancient and refined craft, these floor coverings encompass excellent quality and elegant designs incorporating the wonders of English nature and the old beliefs of the Islanders. An arts and crafts rug is going to be a crown jewel of any décor.

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Item No .: BB0234 Cerca de: 1930 Tamanho: 12'7 "× 14'1" (383 × 429 cm)
Estilo: Negrito, botânico Origem: Tapetes europeus